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229th Greenhill Scout Group

A Little History

1939 on the 19th January the 229th Greenhill Methodist Scout Group registered with the Boy Scout Association. The group were to be controlled by the Greenhill Methodist Sunday School Council. There were already 8 Scouts in the group the Scout Master (SM) was Harry L Avery of 21 Hunstone Avenue, the Assistant Scout Master (ASM) John Hudson of 42 Downing Road. Mr Arnold Metcalf was the Minister at Greenhill Methodist Church.

1943 Mr Plant the Group Scout Master of 199 Westwick Road sent a signed Camp Permit.to Miss Revill the secretary of the Sheffield Scout Association stating that the Boys Club Association of St James Row Sheffield suggests that Cubs meet 6.30 -7.30pm and Scouts 7.30- 9pm on a Wednesday evening. The Scouts at present have the use of the School on a Wednesday between 7.00-9.00pm and the Cubs meet on alternate Saturday afternoons, between 3.30-4.20pm alternating with the Girl Guides. Permission was needed from the Education Committee to extend the use of the school room on a Wednesday. The Brownies also met in the School room on a Saturday afternoon 2.30-3.30pm.

The Secretary of the Boys Association of the Youth Council wrote an application to the Education Committee in which it stated that the premises the group use at present are ‘along way from the road, and are not in a good state of repair, and I gather that the members parents are raising objections to their boys attending such a place. This is likely to jeopardise the future of the group’.

1944 March Mr Plant applied for the group to use the School hut at Greenhill on a Tuesday night for Cubs between  6.30 – 8.00pm for the Spring and Summer months, rather than the Saturday afternoons they met during the Winter months. It was stated by Mr Plant. it has been found it is not practicable for Cubs and Scouts to meet on one evening,

1944 April Mr Plant the Group Scout Master requested the Sheffield Scout Association applied to the Education committee for the group to use the School hut at Greenhill on a Thursday night for Cubs. Mr Plant stated that the group meet at present on a Wednesday and find it impossible to fit both the Cubs and Scout meetings on one night. The request was refused as the Group already use the school on a Wednesday and cannot consider a further night for one organisation and ‘it is not policy to ask for to many favours’.

1945 The 229th was running a football team and an application from J Plant Group Scout Master for a permit to purchase a football and necessary bladders. This application was to the Director of Education Sheffield.

In 1950 the Scouts continue to meet on a Wednesday evening 7-9pm at Greenhill Methodist School

1950 on the 18th October the City of Sheffield Education Committee gave permission for the 229th Group to meet at Greenhill County School on Friday evenings commencing on the 27th October. It was noted that boys are not allowed in the School without a Scouter in charge. E Revill, the General Secretary of the Sheffield Local Association of Boy Scouts stated ‘ I hope that these facilities will enable you to improve attendance at Troop meetings’.

1952 In a letter to Mr Ashton of 29 Old Park Road Mr D M Scott of the Education Committee reported that for the last few Fridays only 4 Boys were present for Scouts and that he does not feel justified in allowing the use of the classroom for so few a number, though according to the annual Scout census there are 13 members of the group.

1953 £12 3s 6d raised from ‘Bob a Job Week’ to which £2 5s 0d were paid to the Local Authority. This was noted as being ‘below your usual figure as you usually do so well’ The First Bob a Job Week started in 1949 it was a remarkable initiative to mix community work with raising funds for the Scout Association and local groups.

1955 Summer Camp Whitby

 1956 The Chief Scout, Lord Rowallan Visits Hesley Wood Scout Camp Site at Chapeltown; A group note about the visit which states that 10 Scouts and 2 Scouters attended and that someone sat on a Scouters hat 5 minutes before the Chief Scouts inspection!; 

1960 1st July there was a Open Night to Mark the 21st Birthday of the group

1963 Annual Group Registration and Census return Registered in South Yorkshire Local Association Sheffield 229th Greenhill Methodist  Sponsored by Greenhill Methodist Church. Had 2 Wolf Cub Packs a Scout Troop and a Senior Scout Troop.

Wolf Cubs 44

Scouts 23

Senior Scouts 11

Rover Squire 1

Total of 79

Scouters GSM 1 Pack 4 Troop 1 Senior Troop 1

Total 7 Leaders

Total in Group 86

Of these were1 group Scouter under 21 years 3, 1st Class Badge holders

14, 2nd Class badge Holders

This form was signed by TE Parkes (GSM or Scouter) on 31st March 1963

1963 the formation of a Headquarters Committee to organise and raise funds for a new Headquarters

1966 September  Planning permission granted for a New Hut

1967 6th May Opening of Newly Built Scout Hut

229th Greenhill Methodist Warrant History  


1988 Wendy Armstrong Assistant Beaver Leader (ABL)

1988 Elizabeth Knight ABL


1946 May Murfin (nee Pullett) resigned her warrant ‘since being married’ passing the Role to Harold Hems of 13 Painted Fabrics

1961 Susan Diwblely ( ? Spelling )

1962 Mr Allison Cub Leader(CL)

1969 Mrs Johnson

1973 Mrs Machin transferred her warrant to Greenhill from the ‘now non existent 281st Group’

1977 J.E Broughton Changed from Assistant Cub Scout Leader (ACSL) to Cub Scout Leader (CSL)

1981- 1982  Ann Yates ACSL

1982 Barrie Hocking CSL


1939 Harry Avery SM

1939 John Hudson ASM

1950 K Staveley of 27 Humphrey Road reluctantly resigned as Scout Master due to ill health and studies. Mr D Bishop took over the role of Scout Master

1954 D Bishop resigned as SM due to increasing church duties

1978  Roger Legge Assistant Scout Leader (ASL)

1980 Roger Legge Scout Leader (SL)

1982  Ann Yates ASL one of the FIRST female Scout Leaders in Sheaf District possibly Sheffield

1987 Steve Winnard SL

1988 Malcolm Humberstone ASL

1990 Mark Ward ASL

1989 Barrie Hocking ASL

1990 Steve Winnard SL

Group Scout Master (GSM)

1942 Mr W Risdale

1943Mr J Plant of 199 Westwick Road

1960  Mr C Ashton

1969 ?Ernest Redman


1953 C Ashton

1972 Mr J Foote


1972 Mr A Lee

Awards and Honours

Medal of Merit

Ernest Redman

The Year is not known, Ernests’ citation reads:

Ernest rendered a total of 33years warranted service in 113th 281st and 229th Sheffield Groups. He gained both Cub and Scout Wood Badges and received his Long Service Award as Long ago as 1954.

His Scout work since 1960 has been very much in the development of Scoutingin the new housing areas in the south of Sheffield with meeting held in school and church halls until the building of a combined headquarters for Scouts, Guides, Cubs and Brownies attached to Greenhill Methodist Church.

His group now consists of two Packs and two Troops, the result of efficient personal and self-sacrificing Scouter Service over many years.

Summer Camps

1955 Whitby Possibly Ravengill Scout Camp Site

1956 Youlberry Scout Camp Site Oxfordshire

Your Help is Needed

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