Gift Aid

We are delighted to welcome the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts back to a new term and offer a warm welcome new members and parents to the Group.

This is an ideal time for Parents to start, or carry on, paying Gift Aid on the subscriptions, where you qualify to do so.  The Group, at no extra cost to parents, is then in able to claim 25p in tax for every £1 paid in subscriptions.  Needless to say, this income is extremely valuable in meeting the Groups’ various expenses and in helping to deliver full and exciting programmes.  It also helps the subscriptions to be kept as low as possible.

Please find attached a Gift Aid declaration form (click here to download: Gift Aid declaration for sheffield 229th) for your consideration and we would be very grateful if you are able to complete and return this to your Section Leader as soon as possible.  Would you kindly fill in the form even if you have previously done so to assist the Group Treasurer.