Welcome to the new Scout training programme

The new Scout training programme is now in operation.  The programme leads to the Chief Scout Gold Award.  To attain the Gold Award you must complete the following activities.Gold challenge badge

Chief Scout’s Gold Award

How to earn your award

  1. Earn six activity or staged activity badges of your choice. These could be badges you gain outside of your normal meetings or ones you’ve achieved through your programme.
  2. Complete the nine challenge awards. These are:

You can wear your Chief Scout’s Silver Award on your uniform until you achieve your Chief Scout’s Gold Award. Top tips If you haven’t quite completed the challenges for the Chief Scout’s Gold Award, you can complete them in your first term in the Explorer Unit.

Some of you have completed Challenge awards under the old scheme, these will still count towards the total of nine challenges you have to complete under the new scheme.

Keeping track of all these items will be tricky, so I have devised a spread sheet form for each Scout to record all the activities you complete, BUT it is your responsibility to make sure I record them on your sheet as you complete an activity.

Good Luck